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Course Outline


Class 01

Orientation Class

Class 02

Introduction to SEO: Covering the basics of search engine optimization, including why it’s important, how search engines work, and the different types of SEO.

Class 03

What is a Niche and how to find a best niche for a website.

Class 04

Project 1(select a niche for our website) and learn Basic html, CSS  

Class 05

web 2.0 what is it and introduce our first WordPress project, discuss about SEO friendly website

Class 06

Create some web 2.0 website 

Class 07

Discuss about Keyword research and we will do real time keyword research 

Class 08

Introduce about all SEO free and paid tools and how all SEO tools work and do some work with some seo tools 

Class 09

Discuss about content (quality content, keyword placements

friendly article, how to find a article topics, content structure, make content for internal link and more)

Class 10

Project 2(create 2 web 2.0 SEO friendly website and post some content)

Class 11

Project 3(write one article for our project-based website.)

Class 12

On page SEO optimization.

Class 13

Technical SEO (sitemap, crawl, index,robot.txt, imp optimize, site speed optimize, introduce google analytics and webmaster tools and how to set analytic and webmaster tools in website)

Class 14

Rich snippet or google schema markup

Class 15

Discuss about OFF Page SEO 

Class 16

Guest post, link resource and broken backlink, Blog commenting

Class 17

Q &A submission, Social Bookmark, Article Submission, press release submission

Class 18

infographic Submission, image submission.

Class 19

What is it Google Publish Centre and how to use it for SEO

Class 20

Web 2.0 link build Method

Class 21

Project 4(web 2.0 link build)

Class 22

Project 5(create backlink for our project base website)

Class 23

Profile submission, how to take advantage from social marketing for boost your website traffic or rank

Class 24

Discuss about YouTube SEO

Class 25

Local SEO

Class 26

Google Ads and Facebook Ads

Class 27

Website audit and competitor analysis

Class 28

Discuss about all freelancing marketplace and how to make your profile awareness, teach how to make a best cover letter and more.

Class 29

Discuss about how to find a job outside the marketplace and how you find a client from different platform.

Class 30

Educate you about how to deal with your client and work and find the best solution in any situation.



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